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About Us

"Wellness Studio M is a personalized fitness experience that offers virtual & personal training sessions specializing in functional training in New Jersey."


Are you spending money on fitness equipment or gym memberships that bring no results? At WSM we have a personalized approach to fitness that allows us to get results for anyone no matter their age or physical condition. Are you looking to lose weight, gain strength, and improve your mobility? Through our fitness program we will teach you the correct ways to improve your health and well being at a pace that is integrated with your busy schedule.  

Our personal trainers will set up your workout plan that will yield the best results in a timely manner.  We will provide extra services at no cost such as daily updates, nutritional guides, and wellbeing check ups.  With our personal trainer and online services you will be able to improve your life from the comfort of your own home. 

Fitness Studio and Personal Trainer in Chatham NJ lose weight, get off medication, gain energy, move better, improve mobility

How Can We Help You?

Our program is flexible and available for people with different body types and busy schedules! Heres what we offer:

- Home Workout We come to your home and set up a workout space best suited for you and your fitness goals.  We will order and provide the equipment needed for your fitness journey such as dumbbells, kettlebells, various bands and balls. (with the agreed price)

 - Virtual Personal Training We will provide a workout program for you on a daily or weekly basis per month. This will include strength training, cardio conditioning, core, mobility, balance, and flexibility. Daily accountability and participation is a must. Contact us for pricing options.

 - Free Live Streaming We will offer you YouTube videos of Strength Training, Cardio Conditioning, and Yoga Weekly Sessions! Get notified by subscribing to our newsletter here! (link to sign up!)

You have nothing to lose so don't waste anymore time and sign up TODAY!

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